Elite Programs

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The Minisink Elite Program is under the direction of MYS Board of Directors and MYS Constitution and By-Laws, and is managed by the Director of Elite.


In fulfilling its purpose, the MYS Elite Team Program offers Minisink players the opportunity to:

  • play soccer with other skilled players
  • receive professional training from highly-qualified trainers
  • learn new skills and refine known skills
  • gain a full understanding of tactics
  • improve in positional play
  • appreciate the atmosphere and discipline associated with higher levels of play
  • build friendships with teammates and opponents who desire quality opposition
  • to compete in local, state, out-of-state and international tournaments and events
  • involve their parents with the successes of their children by requiring their full support

  1. MYS participates in the East Hudson Youth Soccer League (E.H.Y.S.L), primarily, as well as other similar area soccer leagues.
  2. The Elite season runs from August through July with a commitment to play in TWO seasons, fall of the current year and spring of the following year.
  3. Teams may elect to participate in winter leagues and/or training programs at the discretion of the head coach and with the consent of the team’s players and parents.
  1. MYS will accept players that reside outside of Minisink School District in accordance with and bound by the league in which it is associated.
  2. MYS Elite Program follows the guidelines set forth by E.H.Y.S.L regarding player eligibility.
  3. The cutoff date for player eligibility is August 1 of the current calendar year for play in the fall of the same calendar year and following spring season.  (Examples: A player who is seven year of age BEFORE August 1 is eligible to play on a U8 team in the fall.  A player who is fourteen years of age AFTER August 1 is eligible to play on a U14 team beginning the fall season.)
  1. Tryouts will be scheduled by the Elite Director and with approval by the Board of Directors.
  2. Two tryout dates will be scheduled in April-May along with a rain date.
  3. The Primary Tryout will be evaluated by independent evaluators under the supervision of the Elite Director.
  4. During the primary tryout, technical and match condition skills are evaluated.  Multiple evaluation criteria are used to score every player’s abilities.
  5. A team may not be formed without first having a MYS approved coach.
  6. Coaches may attend independent evaluated tryouts but may not participate in the evaluation process.
  7. Coaches may hold “call back” tryouts within 2 weeks of the primary tryouts to evaluate additional players and give players who attended the primary tryout another opportunity to display his/her skills prior to the selection of the teams.
  8. All interested players are required to tryout and must attend at least one tryout session.
  9. Players currently on an Elite team are not guaranteed a spot on a team for the following season.
  1. Once rosters are set, players cannot be switched from one team to another without express consent of both coaches, the player’s parent or guardian, the Director of Elite, and the MYS Board of Directors. Each player, upon accepting an invitation to play on an Elite team must complete and provide the following paperwork, which will be provided by the head coach or team manager
    1. Player and Parent Code of Conduct (via MYS Online Registration)
    2. Medical Release Form
    3. Copy of the Player’s Birth Certificate
    4. A passport-sized photo of the player ( head and face).
  1. MYS registration fees will be set by MYS Board of Directors prior to each season and are subject to change.
  2. Fees are collected during the club registration periods prior to the fall season.
  3. Elite Teams are not permitted to maintain a separate checking and/or savings account at any financial institution.  All funds must be maintained in the MYS Elite team account.
  4. Any player not paid in full by the start of the first game of the season will not be eligible to play.
  1. Participating in the MYS Elite Program requires a high level of commitment from both the player and the parent.
  2. Practices for Elite teams are held, in general, twice per week for a duration of 90 minutes at dates and times agreed to between the coach and parents.
  3. Coaches are strongly encouraged to enlist the services of a professional trainer to train their teams, in general, once per week, as finances permit.
  4. MYS will assist in assigning a trainer to teams on an as needed basis, and will screen and select “recommended” training vendors for use by coaches.
  5. Professional trainers or training companies that have their own club teams are prohibited from coaching MYS elite teams.  This includes any of its principles, directors, employees, affiliated and subcontractors.
  1. Uniforms and supplemental outerwear and accessories will be selected by the MYS Board of Directors and Elite Director
  2. Elite uniform costs are included in the registration and elite fees and payment for such uniforms is the responsibility of each player.
  3. The MYS approved uniform is:
    1. 2 MYS Jerseys (Green and White)
    2. 1 MYS Shorts
    3. 1 pair MYS socks
  4. Each player must wear the MYS issued uniforms or will be ineligible to play.
  5. The following supplemental items will be available for purchase on an individual basis:
    1. Practice jersey
    2. Warm-ups
    3. Elite Bag
  6. All supplementary items will be standardized by the Elite Director with the approval of the Board of Directors.
  7. All MYS Elite Uniforms will include the MYS logo.
  1. MYS Elite teams are encouraged to participate in tournaments to challenge their teams to play at a higher level of competition and gain valuable experience.
  2. Teams may use a portion (at the coaches’ and parents’ discretion) of their elite team account to pay tournament entry fees, as finances permit.
  3. Any costs over and above that provided from the elite team account are the responsibility of the players’ parents.
  4. Coaches are responsible for completing tournament entry applications and notifying the MYS treasurer of tournament fees to be paid for the by the club.
  5. Teams that are playing in a tournament outside of the State of New York must complete all applicable Permission to Travel forms required for out-of-state play.


Minisink Youth Soccer Elite Program


       We have an elite soccer program that continues all year around.  The elite program is more competitive than the recreation program.  It's a wonderful way to sharpen the player's skills and continue their growth in soccer and truly for the child who LOVES the game!  If your child is interested please contact our Travel Driector at mys.travelsoccer@gmail.com  You may also contact the elite coach below for your child's age group. Their email addresses are provided for your convenience.  

      Below you will find the list of active teams that are currently playing.  Even if you don't see a team that is age appropriate for your child please contact us with your child's name and birthdate.   We will keep your child's information for the future formation of teams. 

For more information reach out to our Travel Director -
Greg Depeau      gregd1013@yahoo.com