PW Guidelines

UpdatedTuesday June 7, 2022 byMYS.


Under 6 entering Kindergarten


Forward Soccer UK Trainers/Coaches with the help of Parent volunteers will run age appropriate activities, which will provide a fun and developmentally appropriate environment for the players.

Forward Soccer UK and approved parent managers will run an age group training session. Forward Soccer UK will provide copies of the lesson plan to the managers, so that they can help run activities.

The trainers will then break the groups into smaller groups with pinnies of not more than 3 or 4 players and with the help of the managers run small sided scrimmages at the trainers' discretion.

The Field:

Marked with lines or cones.

The Ball:

A size 3 ball is used for U6 games.

The Players:

There will be approximately four per team on field; no goalkeepers. The players will be separated by level of play. Only players and trainers should be allowed on the field.

Player Equipment:

Shoes and shinguards, covered by the socks are mandatory at all practice and game activities. Soccer shoes, tennis shoes, or similar type athletic

shoes are recommended. The type and condition of cleated shoes must be inspected for safety before use.

Duration of activity:

60 minutes of soccer activities